Adam is a character who appears only in the film adaptation of Ian Fleming's Live and Let Die. He is portrayed by Tommy Lane.

Film biographyEdit

Adam is an underling of Mr. Big (Dr. Kananga) but mainly receives his instructions from Tee-Hee; in some ways he can be considered the latter's right hand. He first appears at the airport where Bond and Solitaire are captured and then leads Mr. Big's men in pursuing Bond after he escapes from the alligator farm.

He accidentally brings Sherrif J.W. Pepper's attention for speeding and J.W. attempted to arrest him but Bond surprised him by jumping the boat he driven over them while Adam manages to make a getaway. He later steals a speedboat from J.W.'s brother-in-law Billy-Bob to chase Bond and, at the climax of the chase near an abandoned tanker, is doused in petrol by Bond. Disoriented by this attack, he loses control of his boat as it crashes into the tanker and perishes in the explosion.

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