Jill Masterson is the secondary Bond girl in Goldfinger. She was played by Shirley Eaton.

Film biographyEdit

Jill Masterton is employed by Auric Goldfinger to help him win at cards and to be "seen" with him. She can see Goldfinger's opponent’s cards through her high-powered binoculars. She communicates via radio with Goldfinger (who receives the messages through a false hearing aid), telling him what cards his opponent has and what is going on in the game.

She is an intelligent and very beautiful woman who Bond thinks is too nice to be involved with Goldfinger. She enjoyed humiliating Goldfinger. She then gets into bed with Bond. They spent an afternoon together and expect to enjoy the anticipated sleepless night until Bond goes to the refrigerator for another bottle of champagne when someone knocks him out. Bond awakens later to find that Jill was painted entirely in gold. Goldfinger gets his revenge for the card game.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shirley Eaton is most recognized for appearing in the film and numerous advertisements covered head to toe in gold paint. It must be noted that the gold-painted girl in the opening credits of the film is not Eaton, but rather Margaret Nolan, who plays Dink, Bond's Miami masseuse.

The bizarre nature of her death is explained as skin suffocation. Although attributed to have happened to cabaret dancers, the validity of actually dying from this method has been questioned.

In the 2008 film Quantum of Solace, as a homage to Jill's death, MI6 agent Strawberry Fields is drowned in crude oil by Quantum. Her naked, oil-covered body is left at the hotel room in which the two had slept together, draped over the bed in a similar pose to Eaton.


  • Despite being considered the films primary Bond girl, the Bond girl timeline lists her as an enemy to Bond. She is essentially Goldfinger's henchwoman, though never really does anything directly against Bond.
  • Jill is the first Bond girl in the series to start out as a henchwoman to the main villain, before betraying their employer after being persuaded by Bond. Though she is one of the few not to become an ally to Bond, instead only becoming his lover. This is a tradition that would be used in many more Bond films.
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